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(NYQ Books, 2015)

Gruel is a book that goes beyond courage to a willingness to let fire mesh with skin in order to make the journey inside what we call the American. Carried across the back of his grandmother through the mountains as they fled the Khmer Rouge, the poet puts the reader on the back of universal human trauma to travel toward the deepest commonality of the human, a willingness to love despite the dangers of attachment.” Afaa Michael Weaver, Author of The Plum Flower Trilogy

Book cover of poetry collection Gruel shows an old black and white photo of a wedding. The photograph is torn on the top right.

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And So I Was Blessed

NYQ Books, 2017

And So I Was Blessed combines songs of innocence with songs of experience, sometimes in the same poem. They take us on a journey with an Asian American speaker in search of a lost home, but along with discovering his Americanness abroad, we sense his depth of humanity no matter where he lands.” Floyd Cheung, Professor of English, Smith College

Book cover shows a woman in conical hat and a man on a small boat in the Mekong Delta.

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The Doctor Will Fix It

Shabda Press, 2019

"Bunkong Tuon is saying something new and important in The Doctor Will Fix It. Exploring uncharted territory: How to raise his dazzling, bi-racial daughter to her fullest potential in today's America. The infatuated father, himself an outsider, searches for answers in these astonishing and tender poems which ponder gender and racial identity, and create a roadmap of what it means to love. This book is honest, frustrated, tender, and human." Alexis Rhone Fancher, author of Junkie Wife and poetry editor emerita of Cultural Daily

Book cover of The Doctor Will Fix It shows a young girl in a doctor's outfit with surgical mask and hat. She is in her living room looking serious.

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Dead Tongue (Yes Poetry, 2020)

Poetry by Bunkong Tuon, Art by Joanna C. Valente

"Brief does not mean lacking in substance and depth. Quite the opposite. This tight chapbook collects a group of compact poems revealing a wide range of emotion and concerns, from exile, to marriage, to night fishing. As always, poet Tuon captures the essence of the moment. Dead Tongue's is ably illustrated by Joanna C. Valente with ink line drawings evocative of Picasso, a child’s playroom, moments of whimsy, and more, as the poetry suggests." Alan Catlin, poetry and review editor at Misfit Magazine

Cover art of Dead Tongue. An artist portrait of two faces looking at each other.

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